Kanter and Taylor (1) reviewed 122 articles published in Transfusion from July 1992 to June 1993 with regard to the statistical evaluation. Each article were reviewed by a transfusion medicine physician as well as a statistician.

Of the 122 reviewed articles 59 (48%) presented results from statistical analyses. Of these 59 articles 23 (39%) contained errors in the statistical description of data, 47 (80%) failed to describe the statistical methods used, and 44 (75%) contained an error in the calculation or interpretation, leading to conclusions not supported by data in 13 (22%) articles.

The authors conclude that more attention should be given to statistical methodology.


Kanter MH, Taylor JR. Accuracy of statistical methods in Transfusion: A review of articles from July/August 1992 through June 1993. Transfusion 1994;34:697-701.